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Disruptive innovations over the next five years will be driven by key themes arising from new technologies, macroeconomic shifts, and social trends. Our industry experts have curated the vital news, analysis, and commentary connected to each of the themes below.

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"The most impressive data for me is the thematic research, company analysis and market landscape assessment. We use GlobalData to improve our internal decision but also to enter different market overseas."
"In these volatile and uncertain times we’ve found the COVID-19 related insight from GlobalData a huge benefit. Bringing more certainty, and supporting business understanding and decisions. In particular, the rapidly updated market and sector outlooks/forecasts, the experiences of other countries who may be further ahead in the virus curve, and the deeper understanding of consumer behaviours and attitudes over the crisis. Insight has been very useful in regular and rapid business updates, board papers and immediate business planning/response."
"COVID-19 has caused significant interference to our business and the COVID-19 intelligence from GlobalData has helped us reach better decisions around strategy. These two highlights have helped enormously to understand the projections into the future concerning our business units, we also utilise the project database to source new projects for Liebherr-Werk to use as an additional source to pitch for new business." Isabel Karremann, Market Analyst & Management
"It has been invaluable to have access to GlobalData’s market intelligence via its senior analysts, portal / dashboards and bespoke thematic / market / company and other reports and analysis. Particularly so during this past year for the challenges and opportunities our firm, and most importantly our clients, have sought to navigate and / or grasp during this period following the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide." Boko Inyundo, Senior Marketing Manager
"A one-stop-shop for all my CDMO insights and needs. The Thematic reports allow my team to best apply our limited time and resources to maximize our opportunity for success the first time. Instead of providing BI via reports and presentations, GlobalData lets me pull what is most relevant to my current needs, whether that is capability in a given field, the state of a molecular target, or how busy a CMO of interest may be." Principal Engineer/External CMC Collaborations Lead
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  • Leverage cross-sector intelligence covering over 200 of the most important themes impacting global industries.
  • Use proprietary Thematic Scorecards to identify tomorrow's winners and losers across sectors based on their competitive position in the big themes transforming their industry landscape.
  • Assess what your competitors are doing in each theme and identify which tech companies can help you tackle your biggest challenges. 
  • Discover the themes impacting companies across all major sectors with detailed information on over 370,000 companies. 
  • See which companies are thematically strong for the most important themes in their industry with Thematic Scorecards. 
  • Track all the themes that your competitors are investing in whether by patents, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, or new hires. 
  • Access GlobalData's huge range of report resources, providing expert opinion and insight into the industries and companies driving, and impacted by, thematic shifts.
  • Get a broad view with macro analysis, or drill down with more focused commentary into specific market drivers and trends. 
  • Gain consumer insights from reports based on B2B/B2C and tech adoption surveys.  
  • Analytics Hub: Uncover deeper insights using visualization elements within individual datasets for seamless data discovery. 
  • Company Screening Tool: Use your customized selection criteria to build and refine a bespoke universe of relevant companies.
  • Competitive Intelligence Tool: Create watchlists of companies to track and compare essential information and understand competitor motivations and behaviours.
  • Build Your Own Report: Clip and create your own bespoke reports to share with colleagues.
  • COVID-19 Playbook: Shore up your company’s response to COVID-19 with a four-step process to assess business risk.