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"The GlobalData platform is our go-to tool for intelligence services. GlobalData provides an easy way to access comprehensive intelligence data around multiple sectors, which essentially makes it a one-for-all intelligence platform, for tendering and approaching customers. GlobalData is very customer orientated, with a high degree of personalised services, which benefits everyday use." Christian Hoffman, Business Intelligence & Marketing Manager
"I think GlobalData’s strength is the breadth of information it covers. It is tough to find another resource that provides such a wide range of information and unique data." Lauren Richardson, Research Consultant
"A definite advantage is having all the data in one place, as well as its constant updating. Data visualization certainly has a significant impact on the ability to analyze better and understand markets. Another advantage of GlobalData is the transparency and timeliness of data and access to industry reports." David Kalisz, Associate Professor
"I use the market data in terms of volume consumed to build cases for market penetration and opportunity (size of the prize). Your in-market consumption data by category is very impressive, it helped me add value to the executive team by assisting in making top line decisions." Garnet Gabriels, International Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager
"Developing a channel segmentation with GlobalData, helping us to understand where growth opportunities were strongest, before and during the COVID crisis, has been very important. And special mention should be made of GlobalData’s ongoing COVID coverage overall. From consumer and channel impacts to category analysis and commentary, we’ve greatly valued these inputs as we navigate our way through the crisis." Nick Rich, Vice President
"Our company uses the information in GlobalData’s platform every day. From industry forecasts that help drive our strategic priorities to project and company details that validate our market understanding, the data helps us make informed decisions. Our account team has been helpful, quick to respond, eager to make improvements to better our experience, and a pleasure to work with." Senior Global Market Strategist
"For us, having the support of GlobalData in 2020, which was a very difficult and unpredictable year... to be able to rely on the information you provided was really useful and turned out to be essential for us, especially in the first few months of the pandemic when everything was so uncertain. GlobalData was also essential for us to have better understanding on market sizing when we are expanding our portfolio." juliana Marin, Especialista Inteligencia de Mercado
"GlobalData has provided an incredibly versatile platform in which to obtain and review information on key industry segments, proving invaluable when understanding the markets and optimising sales efforts. We can better focus our efforts by delivering key insight into prospective customers and geographies. It provides an easy way to disseminate data with focus aligning to our business objectives. We can extract the most value from a system which does most of the “heavy lifting” for us."
"GlobalData is definitely the go-to database and Intelligence Center! In the pharma industry the epidemiology and market information and data are very important for decision-making. For me personally as I was new to this industry, GlobalData helped me to understand the industry. Later on, I used GlobalData to find out the data needed for our market research. It is also very helpful to extract data needed to build our own competitor database. The data can be downloaded from the database, which also makes my work more efficient." Charlene, Management Assistant
"GlobalData saves times and increases the reliability of our forecast by providing trustworthy data on key variables of the energy system. We use GlobalData as the main data source for our power, renewables, electricity grids and storage forecasts – we have found GlobalData to have better coverage of the key variables than other providers." Onur Özgün, Principal Researcher
"At OC&C Strategy Consultants, we draw heavily on third party market data and have consistently found GlobalData’s Consumer and Retail market analyzers a critical source in helping to clearly show market size and dynamics across the globe, providing a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of a broad set of industries. We use GlobalData for market modelling in IPO's written for our clients." Matt Coode, Partner
"The device data were exactly what we needed, our client was intrigued, and we’re pushing forward on our analysis, informed by your [company name withheld] data this week." Engagement Manager
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