Emma Raducanu’s commercial potential set to explode, says GlobalData

Following today’s news (Friday 10 September) that Emma Raducanu has become the first British woman to reach the tennis Grand Slam final;

Conrad Wiacek, Head of Sport Analysis at GloblaData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“By reaching the US Open Final at just 18 years of age, Emma Raducanu will become a commercial phenomenon in the UK. Should she win, it is likely her profile will go global. With British tennis having a gap at the top of the tree following the decline in Sir Andy Murray’s abilities through injury, the chances are that Emma Raducanu will fill that gap and generate millions through commercial partnerships.

“With just two deals currently in place with Wilson and Nike, Raducanu can expect her earnings potential to grow significantly. Just by renewing her existing deals, Raducanu can expect to be generating revenue in excess of $1m from these two deals alone, while other brands will no doubt be looking at Raducanu as a potential brand ambassador.

“Looking at the commercial success the likes of Heather Watson achieved without delivering on court, Emma Raducanu may have become the face of British tennis for the foreseeable future.”

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