An expert analyst team and advanced analytical tools deliver insight that is trusted by leading consumer, technology & healthcare businesses worldwide

Skilled, Expert Analysts

  • Specialist. Our analysts are sector specialists with, collectively, hundreds of years’ experience in their respective fields
  • Local. Our global network of in-market experts are immersed in their local industries, monitoring key trends and market drivers
  • Skilled. Our analysts are highly skilled in the use of advanced modelling tools, data systems and techniques. Over 80% of our industry research analysts have a higher level degree such as an MBA
  • Insightful. Our analysts’ sector knowledge and analytical skill ensures that disparate sources are harmonized and subtle indicators given due weight to create informed market perspectives
  • Experienced. Overall, our analysts’ experience spans 77% of Fortune Global 500 companies
  • Trusted. Our analysts regularly address industry conferences and are quoted as expert commentators in global media on average more than 200 times a month

Proprietary Analytical Frameworks

Our analysts and consultants apply a range of advanced modelling tools, data systems and algorithms - such as scenario-based analysis, multivariate forecasting and ‘big data’ manipulation tools – to help deliver powerful and actionable insights.

We work to a rigorous methodological framework that ensures we take into account the widest possible range of drivers.

Our framework covers four key areas:

  • Political, economic and regulatory environment: drivers in this area we look for include political stability / instability, GDP growth, exchange rate changes, inflation, licensing, regulatory acts, decisions
  • Technology: emergence of disruptive technologies, pricing of technologies, availability of technologies
  • End-user purchasing criteria: affordability / income distribution, maturity of service, substitute goods
  • Competition: number of competitors, competitors’ financial health, competitors’ relative economies of scale etc.

International Coverage

International Coverage