Our unique, robust data, trusted industry analysis and insight and innovative integration and collaboration delivers quality research that enables our clients to make more informed decisions.

Unique, Robust Data

We deliver comprehensive, detailed market intelligence that provides a definitive picture of the markets we serve. Our data is complete, detailed, global and completely cross-country comparable.

We deliver our clients authoritative data using robust, transparent methodologies, derived from multiple sources. We allow our clients to view markets in different ways in order to understand where the real opportunities lie.

With different types of data other providers don’t provide, our clients can access a variety of tools that add context to our core data including innovation tracking, sentiment analysis, price monitoring, M&A tracking, competitor intelligence, and city-level intelligence.

Trusted Industry Analysis and Insight

Our expert analyst team use advanced analytical tools to deliver insight that is trusted by businesses worldwide.

Our analysts are specialists in their respective fields and embedded locally in their respective markets. They are highly skilled in the use of our proprietary modelling tools that contribute to the insightful knowledge they provide. With extensive experience across their sectors our analysts are trusted throughout the industry.

Innovative integration and collaboration

We make our research easy to access and integrate into our clients businesses. Our Intelligence centers provide our users great flexibility to interrogate data and export content in any format required.

Our ’Ask an Analyst’ functionality enables and encourages direct collaboration with our experts.